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Ningxia Yifeng Ruida Activated Carbon Co Ltd is located in the beautiful Ningxia Shizuishan city Our company is a collection research and development processing and sales enterprises The company by the high quality anthracite Taixi Coal as raw materials to produce various kinds of microporous activated carbon which extremely developed surface area than ordinary activated carbon surface area several times or even dozens of times It has strong adsorption capacity very suitable for air purification solvent recovery catalyst carrier toxic and harmful gas processing gas phase adsorption also can be used for drinking water purification wastewater treatment and other liquid phase adsorption Our...

Categories and Products

Coal-based Columnar Activated Carbon

Columnar Net Gas Activated Carbon

Coal-based columnar net gas activated carbon Developed micro-pore structure activated carbon 

Columnar Water Purification Activated Carbon

High quality Coal-based columnar activated carbon Ningxia Hot sale Coal columnar activated carbon Good adsorption activated carbon for sewage treatment Developed Micro-pore Structure Activated Carbon Good adsorption activated carbon for sewage treatment 

Column Desulfurization Column Activated Carbon

Coal based granular CTC 50 activated carbon Low ash activated carbon in chemical factory Popular columnar activated carbon for Desulfurization 

Column Denitrification Column Activated Carbon

Good Price activated carbon for chemical sewage treatment High Quality Coal Based Columnar Activated Carbon High quality activated carbon from Ningxia Good properties activated carbon in food 

Column Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon

Coal-based solvent recovery column activated carbon Low price activated carbon tablets for clean filter 

Column Carrier Activated Carbon

Super high iodine value activated carbon Manufactures coal based washing activated adsorbent Hot sale activated carbon price per ton 

Column Pressure Swing Adsorption Activated Carbon

Good price CTC 60 4.0mm activated carbon Coal-based columnar activated carbon for Adsorption 

Coal-based Granular Activated Carbon

Granular Net Gas Granular Activated Carbon

The coal-based net gas granular activated carbon Granular activated carbon for indoors Air Purification High quality granular activated carbon for liquid seperation 

Granular Magnetic Water Purifier Activated Carbon

Granular activated carbon for watertreatment Magnetic water purifier granular activated carbon Hot sale irregular activated carbon price per ton 

Granular Water Purification Activated Carbon

Coal-based water purification granular activated carbon Water purification granular activated carbon Water purification granular activated carbon 

Granular Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon

solvent recovery granular activated carbon 

Granular Decolorization Activated Carbon

Decolorizing granular activated carbon 

Granular Gold Refined Activated Carbon

Coal-based decolorization granular activated carbon Gold refined granular activated carbon 

Block Breaking Active Carbon

Block breaking active carbon with anthracite Block breaking active carbon with anthracite 

Coal-based Powdered Activated Carbon

Powdered Waste Incineration Activated Carbon

Popular refined powder activated carbon for textile printing 

Powdered Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon

High iodine value activated carbon for solvent recovery 

Graphite Carburizing Agent

High quality carburizing agent in steel making Factory Direct Sales Graphite Particles Carbon Agent Perennial Sales Variety Specifications Graphite Carbon Agent Sell High Carbon Content Small Ash Carbon Agent Factory Direct Sales Graphite Particles Carbon Agent Coke High Carbon Low Ash Carbon Agent 

Filter Material

Quartz Sand

Refined Quartz mineral Sand as Filter Matericals Refined Quartz powder as Building Materials 


High quality taix Anthracite used in life coal Ningxia high quality Taixi anthracite lump coal 

Silicon Carbide

Free Sampling Hardness Semiconductor Silicon Carbide Process Glass Stone Cast Iron Silicon Cabide Bearing Special Prvent Oxidation Most Hard Silicon Carbide Suitable for Heating Material SteelMaking Silicon Carbide Steel Casting Deoxidation Sandblasting Rust Silicon Carbide Metallic Acid Resistant Silicon Carbide Industry 46-60 # Cutting Abrasive Manufacturing Silicon Carbide Highly purified silicon carbide particle size sand Long Lasting Whetstone Sandpaper Silicon Carbide A variety Sandblasting High Cost Effective Silicon Carbide 97% Abrasive Blasting Dedicated Silicon Carbide Export Grade Abrasive Polishing Silicon Carbide Aircraft Runway Dedicated Pure Silicon Carbide High Purity Refractory Silicon Carbide Grain Size Sand Nonferrous Metal Smelting Silicon Carbide Shopping Floor Wear Resistant Silicon Carbide Production Ceramic High Content Silicon Carbide Match Drill High Hardness Black Silicon Carbide Boiler Lining Is Not Deformed Black Silicon Carbide 98% Content of Steel Grinding Tool Silicon Carbide 

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